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Jeruzsálemben, West Jerusalem szívében. A Jeruzsálem szívében található YMCA Three Arches Hotel a város legjobb elhelyezkedéssel büszkélkedő hotelje. This 10 points are for Sabrine at the reception desk and the tour operator Jiries Asmar; the hotel is working with The unofficial 'anthem' of England from the poem written by William Blake. A tribute to the generations that have gone before us to preserve that 'green and.. The Garden Tomb was discovered in 1867 and us in the heart of historic Jerusalem. 10. Garden of Gethsemane. 2,830. Historic Sites • Gardens. By fulvior731. Multi-secular olive trees have intertwined their foliage for millennia in this garden that was already a place of. 11. Hezekiah's Tunnel - Siloam Tunnel Jerusalem (hebreiska: יְרוּשָׁלַיִם (), Yerushaláyim; arabiska: القُدس (), al-Quds) är en stad på Judéens högland mellan Medelhavet och Döda havet med cirka 900 000 invånare (2019). [6]Jerusalem är Israels administrativa centrum och de facto-huvudstad. Internationellt stöds Israels anspråk på staden endast av ett fåtal länder, bland annat USA

The king of Jerusalem was the supreme ruler of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, the Crusader state founded by Christian princes in 1099 when the First Crusade took the city.. Godfrey of Bouillon, the first ruler of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, refused the title of king choosing instead the title Advocatus Sancti Sepulchri, that is Advocate or Defender of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre O parque industrial do norte de Jerusalem Har Hotzvim é a sede de algumas das maiores corporações de Israel, entre elas a Intel, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, e ECI Telecom [173]. Planos de expansão para o parque industrial prevê uma centena de novos negócios, um posto de bombeiros, e uma escola, cobrindo uma área de 530 mil m² (130. Jerusalem is a city located in modern-day Israel and is considered by many to be one of the holiest places in the world. Jerusalem is a site of major significance for the three largest.

Jerusalem, ancient city of the Middle East that since 1967 has been wholly under the rule of the State of Israel. Long an object of veneration and conflict, Jerusalem has been governed by an extended series of dynasties and states over centuries. Learn more about the city's history and culture in this article The Jerusalem Post Is the leading english news source of American jewry. Jpost.com is its online version.It delivers Israel News, Arab and Israeli conflict updates, and news about the Jewish life.

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  1. Jerusalem's scope of history is staggering, and the major role the city plays in the traditions of all three major monotheistic faiths has led to it being continually fought over, across the centuries. This is the heart of the Holy Land, where the Jews raised the First Temple to keep the Ark of the Covenant safe, where Jesus was crucified and.
  2. Stay on top of Jerusalem latest developments on the ground with Al Jazeera's fact-based news, exclusive video footage, photos and updated maps
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  4. Jerusalem.com. 278,103 likes · 617 talking about this. http://JERUSALEM.COM Is a visit of the old city as if you are actually there! Tours with a tour..
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Jerusalem is a very old city. It has great importance for three religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Bible says King David, the second king of Israel, took this city from pagans and settled his palace there. King Solomon, David's son and the next king, built the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. Later, as capital of Judah, Jerusalem. 16/08/2021 Reducing audience reception services 01/08/2021 Ezra Baderech - Young people volunteer to help seniors 20/07/2021 Extension of the opening hours of the Menora Parking Lot 07/06/2021 BUY ME Yerushalmi-Gift card in Jerusalem 16/06/2021 More News 14/07/2021 The municipality offers summer opportunities for Jerusalem residents 19/07/2021 Jerusalem Municipality rewards young people who. YMCA Three Arches Hotel. Hotel in West Jerusalem, Jerusalem. In the heart of Jerusalem, the YMCA Three Arches Hotel probably has the best location in town. Opposite the famous King David Hotel, it is a 10-minute walk from the Old City. This 10 points are for Sabrine at the reception desk and the tour operator Jiries Asmar; the hotel is working. Jerusalem: Western Wall notes cleared ahead of Jewish New Year. Prayer notes were removed Wednesday ahead of the Jewish New Year from between the stones of the Western Wall in Jerusalem, the.

Media in category Jerusalem The following 200 files are in this category, out of 263 total. (previous page) 'We won't leave' protest tent in Sheikh Jarrah, 2009.jpg. 354 of 'Святая Земля.. Jerusalem is a compelling read, a sweeping historical survey of the most famous city in the world. Alas, Simon Sebag Montefiore writes with such woeful Biblical illiteracy and misunderstanding of the Christian faith and church history that it rather makes one doubt the reliability of the whole

About Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Conventions and Visitors Bureau (JCVB) was founded in 2015 by the Jerusalem Development Authority to serve as the primary resource for conference and exhibition organizers in Jerusalem. Read mor English: Jerusalem (Modern Hebrew: ירושלים Yerushaláyim, Biblical Hebrew: ירושלם, Christian Arabic: أورشليم Urshalim, Muslim Arabic: القدس al-Quds) is an ancient city of key importance to the religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Both Israel and the Palestinian National Authority claim it as their capital 539 BCE - Persian Ruler Cyrus the Great Conquers Babylonian Empire, Including Jerusalem. 516 BCE - Cyrus Permits Jews in Babylonian Exile to Return to Jerusalem; Second Temple Built. 445-425 BCE - Nehemiah the Prophet Rebuilds the Walls of Jerusalem; City Confined to Eastern Hill Jerusalem is totally unique - there is no other place like it. A city of tradition, religion, and history, but also, increasingly, of modern culture and heritage, it is a city with so much to offer that you could spend years here and still not see everything

Jerusalem in 89 Seconds - The Holy city. Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Israel and is considered a holy city in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.Over 3000 years of.. Jerusalem. The Name. The name Jerusalem occurs 806 times in the Bible, 660 times in the Old Testament and 146 times in the New Testament; additional references to the city occur as synonyms. Jerusalem was established as a Canaanite city by the Chalcolithic period (ca. 4000-3100b.c.), occupying the southeast hill that currently bears the name. Jerusalem (hebräisch ירושלים? / i Jeruschalajim [jeʁuʃa'lajim]; arabisch أورشليم القدس, DMG Ūršalīm al-Quds ‚Jerusalem das Heiligtum', bekannter unter der Kurzform القدس, DMG al-Quds ‚das Heiligtum'; altgriechisch Ἱεροσόλυμα Hierosólyma [n. pl.], oder Ἰερουσαλήμ Ierousalḗm [f., indecl.]; lateinisch Hierosolyma [n. pl. oder f. sg. Jeruzalem ima posebno važno mjesto u predaji triju monoteističkih religija: judaizma, kršćanstva i islama, što je kroz povijest izazivalo brojne sukobe.Na međunarodnim mirovnim konferencijama, poput Bečkog (1814. - 1815.) i osobito Berlinskog kongresa (1878.), o statusu Jeruzalema raspravljalo se kao o Pitanju svetih mjesta. Slično je bilo i na Versajskoj konferenciji (1919.) The largest missions movement in history. We exist to help the Chinese Church fulfill the vision they have received from God to take the good news to the nations in the 1040 window. The large majority of these peoples and nations are located in-between China and Jerusalem. The Chinese call this missionary movement Back to Jerusalem. OUR MISSION

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האתר הרשמי של עיריית ירושלים - שירותים מקוונים, ארנונה, תורנויות בתי מרקחת, תכנון ובניה, מכרזים ודרושים, תרבות ואירועים בירושלים ועוד Jerusalem (často nesprávně psán též Jerusalém) je venkovská osada, část města Příbram v okrese Příbram.Nachází se asi 3,5 km na jihovýchod od centra Příbrami. Osadou protéká Jerusalemský potok, na němž uvnitř osady leží bezejmenný rybník.Je zde evidováno 40 adres. V roce 2011 zde trvale žilo 84 obyvatel Jerusalem (phiên âm tiếng Việt: Giê-ru-sa-lem, 31°46′B 35°14′Đ. /  31,767°B 35,233°Đ  / 31.767; 35.233. ; tiếng Do Thái: ירושׁלים Yerushalayim; tiếng Ả Rập: القُدس (trợ giúp·thông tin) al-Quds, tiếng Hy Lạp: Ιεροσόλυμα) là một thành phố ở Trung Đông, nằm trên một.

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  1. Ég az erdő, füstbe borult Jeruzsálem. Hatalmas erdőtűz tombol Jeruzsálem mellett, a füst a várost is beborítja - írja az ABC News
  2. g Nahalat Shiva, bustling Ben Yehuda and Yafo Streets
  3. Jeruzalem ili Jerusalim (hebrejski: יְרוּשָׁלַיִם‎ [Yerushalayim] — Jerušalajm, arai: القُدس‎‎ [al-Quds] — el-Kuds), prastari grad na Bliskom Istoku, te grad ključne važnosti za religije Judaizam, Hrišćanstvo i Islam.Broj stanovnika danas je 681.000. Jeruzalem je izrazito kulturno raznovrstan grad sa raznolikim nacionalnim, religijskim i socioekonomskim.
  4. Jerusalem is a huge city with several district articles containing sightseeing, restaurant, nightlife and accommodation listings — have a look at each of them.. Jerusalem (Hebrew: ירושלים Yerushalayim, Arabic: القدس al-Quds) is the claimed capital city of both Israel and Palestine, although almost all foreign embassies to Israel are located in Tel Aviv, and the foreign missions.

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  1. Current local time in Israel - Jerusalem. Get Jerusalem's weather and area codes, time zone and DST. Explore Jerusalem's sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset
  2. The Israel Museum, Jerusalem is one of the world's leading museums. Art and archaeology, the Dead Sea Scrolls and Jewish art and culture. Come visit for a special kind of experience
  3. A Kitekintő.hu friss hírei jeruzsálem témában. A legfrissebb jeruzsálem hír (2021. március 24., szerda): Még nincs egyértelmű győztese az izraeli választásna
  4. The #1 Best Value of 385 places to stay in Jerusalem. Free Wifi. Pool. Leonardo Hotel Jerusalem. Show Prices. #2 Best Value of 385 places to stay in Jerusalem. Free Wifi. Bar/Lounge. Ibis Jerusalem City Center. Show Prices. 31,862 reviews. #3 Best Value of 385 places to stay in Jerusalem
  5. Jerusalem (Hebrew: ירושלים Yerushalayim, Arabic: القدس al-Quds) is the capital and largest city of Israel, though most other countries and the United Nations do not recognize it as Israel's capital.. The ancient city in the Judean Hills has a fascinating history spanning thousands of years. The city is holy to the three monotheistic religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and.
  6. Jerusalem definition, a city in Israel: an ancient holy city and a center of pilgrimage for Jews, Christians, and Muslims; divided between Israel and Jordan 1948-67; Jordanian sector annexed by Israel 1967; Israel's capital since 1950 (but not recognized as such by the international community). See more
  7. The Embassy is responsible for the extensive US-Israel Bi-lateral relationship. Our current relationship is built upon commercial/industrial, political, military, trade, and cultural ties. These connections are both private and official and reflect shared history and values

Secret Jerusalem has 92,481 members. Welcome to Secret Jerusalem! We are a welcoming, diverse community of Jerusalemites helping each other out. Rules - we got em! Learn how to be a helpful member.. Jerusalem (hebrejski: יְרוּשָׁלַיִם‎, Yerushaláyim; arai: القُدس, al-Quds) je najveći grad na području Izraela odnosno Palestine, a obje države ga smatraju za svoj glavni grad.Broji 747.600 stanovnika, i zauzima površinu od 125,1 kvadratnih kilometara (u slučaju kada se računa i istočni dio grada). Smješten je u Judejskim planinama, između Sredozemnog mora i. Könyv: Jeruzsálem, a Biblia városa - Shemuel A. Katz festőművész kiállítása/Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum 1988. március 17-április 24. - Tóth Ágnes, Várnai Péter,.. Jerusalem: Filmed for IMAX and Giant Screen Theaters. Join the production : jerusalemthemovie.com. After a year of research and preparation, the giant screen film JERUSALEM advanced into production with an unprecedented aerial shoot throughout Israel and the West Bank. Scheduled for worldwide release in 2013, the film will take audiences on a.

A city in the Judean Mountains, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea, holy in Judaism, Christianity and Islam; the claimed (and de-facto) capital city of Israel; the claimed capital city of Palestine. Synonyms: (chiefly in Islamic or Arabic contexts) al-Quds, (chiefly in reference to the ancient Roman or Crusader era city) Hierosolyma Meronyms. Sacred to Muslims and Jews, Temple Mount/Al Haram Ash Sharif is the most disputed site in Jerusalem. To Muslims, this is where the Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven. According to Jewish tradition, the site is the very bedrock of the world's creation, and the exact spot where Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Get directions, maps, and traffic for Jerusalem, Jerusalem District. Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit The Jerusalem Post Customer Service Center can be contacted with any questions or requests: Telephone: *2421 * Extension 4 Jerusalem Post or 03-7619056 Fax: 03-5613699 E-mail: subs@jpost.co JERUSALEM (AP) — A massive wildfire outside of Jerusalem on Sunday sent a thick cloud of smoke over the city as authorities struggled to contain the blaze. The cloud stretched over much of the city on Sunday afternoon, covering the skies overhead with a black and orange blanket of smoke

Israel's Holocaust museum and memorial. Includes information on the museum, its exhibits, collections, resources, programs and publications. Jerusalem, Israel Jerusalem needs your prayers. This week, Jerusalem has been blanketed in smoke from wildfires that appear to have been started by terrorist arsonists. Because Israel is enduring a prolonged heatwave amid the dry summer, it has suffered an unprecedented and dangerous number of fires The Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism is a tool to identify, confront and raise awareness about antisemitism as it manifests in countries around the world today. It includes a preamble, definition, and a set of 15 guidelines that provide detailed guidance for those seeking to recognize antisemitism in order to craft responses. It was developed by a group of scholars in the fields of. Fraternités. Jérusalem est une Famille de fraternités. Chaque branche - monastique, apostolique, laïque, - a sa vocation particulière et son gouvernement propre, frères et soeurs. Vous pouvez les découvrir ci-dessous

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The New Jerusalem is the ultimate fulfillment of all God's promises. The New Jerusalem is God's goodness made fully manifest. Who are the residents of the New Jerusalem? The Father and the Lamb are there (Revelation 21:22). Angels are at the gates (verse 12). But the city will be filled with God's redeemed children referencing Jerusalem, LP, Album, Ltd, RE, Pur, ROCK/LION031-V-1 This LP is for me, the best and most Metal of all that eras Proto-Metal LPs. Now there is definitely some challenged guitar soloing going on, in fact you can almost hear them improve from tune to tune

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That is the feeling one gets in the Old City of Jerusalem. Just walking through the narrow streets and alleys, never mind the shrines holy to three faiths, one is immersed in history. The Old City covers roughly 220 acres (one square kilometer). The surrounding walls date to the rule of the Ottoman Sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent (1520-1566) Jerusalem Live Camera. Home » Jerusalem Live Camera. Webcam Jerusalem - Hotel Inbal - PANOMAX 360°. Rooms & Suites. 02 RESTAURANT. Culinary. Hotel Spa. Events. Facilities We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us

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JERUSALEM -- As police protected them, three Jewish men stepped forward, placed their hands out at chest level and began reciting prayers in low tones in the shadow of Jerusalem's golden Dome of. Starting 'Jerusalem,' I wasn't sure what to expect. I'm familiar with Moore's graphic work, but excellent graphic novels do not necessarily translate into excellent thousand-plus-page works of prose. I was quite pleased to discover, then, that Moore is truly an adept and accomplished writer, with a huge breadth and depth of styles

Temple of Jerusalem, either of two temples that were the center of worship and national identity in ancient Israel. The First Temple was completed in 957 BCE and destroyed by the Babylonians in 587/586 BCE. The Second Temple was completed in 515 BCE and destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE Jerusalem University College, an independent, degree-granting academic institution in Jerusalem, is also an extension campus for over 70 accredited Christian colleges, universities, and seminaries around the world. Master of Arts. We offer the Master of Arts degree and graduate certificate in four areas Leonardo Hotel Jerusalem is suitable for disabled guests. The pool area is accessible to the disabled. The hotel has 6 disabled parking spaces located 20 meters from the lobby. The hotel's spa is not accessible for the disabled but in-room spa treatments are available

Jerusalem synonyms, Jerusalem pronunciation, Jerusalem translation, English dictionary definition of Jerusalem. A city divided between east-central Israel and the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Jerusalem was founded as far back as the fourth millennium bc and was ruled.. Jerusalem (4) Profile: Hard rock band from Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. Members: Bob Cooke - lead guitar. Bill Hinde - rhythm guitar. Paul Dean - bass. Ray Sparrow - drums. Lynden Williams - vocals More Israel on Sunday decided to withhold nearly NIS 600 million ($184 million) worth of taxes it collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority over its so-called pay-for-slay policy paying terrorists and their families. Deborah Brand. 12 Jul 2021, 1:21 AM PDT 133 JERUSALEM (AP) — As police protected them, three Jewish men stepped forward, placed their hands out at chest level and began reciting prayers in low tones in the shadow of Jerusalem's golden Dome of the Rock. Jewish prayers at Jerusalem's most sensitive holy site, known to Jews as the Temple. Jerusalem is the religious and historical epicenter of the world. A surreal and vibrant city, holy to Jews, Muslims, and Christians - over one-third of all the people on the earth. Jerusalem is as unique as she is special. Beyond her religious and historic significance, Jerusalem is the capital of modern-day Israel and an advanced, dynamic city

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Jerusalem (Hebrew: יְרוּשָׁלַיִם Yerushalayim; Arabic: القدس al-Quds) is an ancient Middle Eastern city of key importance to the religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.Perhaps no city on earth binds the hearts of believers in so complete a way. Today Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and the home of its legislature, the Knesset, although that designation is disputed. The site of Jerusalem is shut in by a rough triangle of higher mountain ridges: to the West runs the main ridge, or water parting, of Judea, which here makes a sweep to the westward. From this ridge a spur runs Southeast and East, culminating due East of the city in the MOUNT OF OLIVES (which see), nearly 2,700 ft. above sea-level and about 300. The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs is a leading independent research institute specializing in public diplomacy and foreign policy. Founded in 1976, the Center has produced hundreds of studies and initiatives by leading experts on a wide range of strategic topics. Dr

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LWF Jerusalem is dedicated to challenge and address the causes and effects of inequality and marginalization by providing quality services to the Palestinian population, reducing poverty through holistic vocational education and training, providing health care services and linking local needs to national and international advocacy. Our Core Value Jerusalem - Nachrichten und Information: An 365 Tagen im Jahr, rund um die Uhr aktualisiert, die wichtigsten News auf tagesschau.de Jerusalem - aktuelle Nachrichten | tagesschau.de Tagesschau Log Orient Jerusalem is a beautiful luxury hotel in the German Colony. Orient is part of Isrotel Exclusive Collection's hotels and offers 2 swimming pools, restaurants, a huge spa and fantastic rooms and suites

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JERUSALEM ESTATES. Rising in the Schneller Compound in the heart of Jerusalem is a new elite residential estate, Jerusalem Estates. An island of pastoral beauty and serenity in the heart of the ancient city, it is a private development constructed with a breathtaking architectural design in exquisite detail. Situated amongst the buildings is a. Jerusalem (hebraisk ירושלים, Yerushalayim el. ירושלם, arabisk القدس, transkr. al-Quds, norsk historisk navn Jórsalir eller Jórsalaborg) er en by i det historiske landskapet som er kjent som Judea og Palestina.Byen er i dag juridisk sett delt mellom Israel og de palestinske selvstyre myndighetene, selv om hele byen i praksis styres av Israel Beskrivning. Jerusalem utspelar sig i Dalarna och i Jerusalem under 1800-talet, där man får följa några människor och deras närstående under flera år.Selma Lagerlöf skriver om många olika personer ur olika generationer, bland annat om dem som lever på den stora Ingmarsgården, där man får bekanta sig med deras, inte alltid så okomplicerade, relationer till varandra The New Jerusalem Bible (NJB) is a Catholic translation of the Bible published in 1985. The New Jerusalem Bible (NJB) has become the most widely used Roman Catholic Bible outside of the United States. It has the imprimatur of Cardinal George Basil Hume

JERUSALEM OF GOLD: The mountain air is clear as water The scent of pines around Is carried on the breeze of twilight, And tinkling bells resound. The trees and stones there softly slumber, A dream enfolds them all. So solitary lies the city, And at its heart -- a wall. Chorus: Oh, Jerusalem of gold, and of light and of bronze 14 David Flusser. Jerusalem 9378322, Israel. 02-630-4000. Learn more about the Embassy

Jerusalem Gardens is the perfect place to experience the ancient beauty and modern excitement of the City of Jerusalem. During your stay you can take advantage of the outdoor and indoor pools, fully equipped gym with personal trainer, spa with Jacuzzi, sauna and hot tubs, relax in the beautiful outdoor gardens and enjoy the exceptional cuisine. Legfrissebb híreink Jeruzsálem témában. Tilos a Blikk bármely fotóját, írott anyagát részben vagy egészében, illetve átdolgozva átvenni vagy újraközölni a kiadó írásos engedélye nélkül The huge forest fire west of Jerusalem now.Thousands are being evacuated from the villages and communities in its path.10 fire fighting planes and firemen from across the country are battling the blaze thats out of control South Jerusalem is an up-and-coming area that has seen the development of numerous attractions in recent years, including the state-of-the-art Jerusalem Payis Arena, which hosts some of the biggest international musical acts and sporting events

Jerusalem - a traditional and classic online hymn; Inspirational words of the Jerusalem hymn; Enjoy the lovely words and lyrics of Jerusalem, the traditional, classic hymn and Christian song. This Printable version of Jerusalem is a hymn of praise and worship which is suitable for all Christian denominations Jerusalem. The chief city of the Holy Land, and to the Christian the most illustrious in the world. It is situated in 31 degrees 46-43 N. lat., and 35 degrees 13- E. long. on elevated ground south of the center of the country, about thirty-seven miles from the Mediterranean, and about twenty-four from the Jordan מחפשים הוסטל בירושלים? הזמינו עכשיו באברהם הוסטל ירושלים - מיקום מרכזי, מתחייבים למחיר הזול ביותר בהזמנה ישירה, ארוחת בוקר כלולה, אחלה אווירה, בר אירועים והופעו Jerusalem.GP1 virus captures Novell NetWare packets that contain the users password and broadcasts this password to a particular node. This technique does not work under Novell versions 2.x and newer. Variant:HK. This variant originates from Hong Kong and contains a reference to 'Vtech', which is the technical university in Hong Kong Articles and videos about the city of Jerusalem (Yerushalyim). The place of the Holy Temple and the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967

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Jerusalem in the 12th Century was a city embroiled in intrigues and power struggles. The Crusader Houses established themselves as the city's rulers, but who would rule over them? Now you must join in the power politics of the holy city, using your resources to control the most important districts and building a castle that towers over your opposition Welcome to the Western Wall! Located in the Old City of Jerusalem, the famous landmark welcomes millions of visitors each year. Take a tour of the Western Wall Plaza with EarthCam's live view, thanks to Aish HaTorah

The Dan Jerusalem Hotel is the perfect departure point for a 30-minute drive through the Judean Desert to the shores of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. Float on the salt-rich water and coat yourself with healing black mud. Visit the famous Qumran Caves in which the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, or explore the mountain fortress of Masada Coordonnées. Adresse : 5, rue Paul Emile BOTTA - Jérusalem. Le Consulat général de France à Jérusalem est ouvert au public du lundi au vendredi uniquement sur rendez-vous aux horaires habituels. Merci de consulter les modalités d'accueil du public pour connaitre l'état de la situation la section consulaire The Jerusalem World News provides expert opinion, analysis, and news about Israel and the Middle East. Based in Jerusalem, it is published five days a week, from Monday through Friday, with important breaking news added as events occur. More than 1.4 million Israelis receive third dose, show high antibody rate. Jerusalem Countdown: Directed by Harold Cronk. With David A.R. White, Anna Zielinski, Randy Travis, Lee Majors. When nuclear weapons are smuggled into America, F.B.I. Agent Shane Daughtry (David A.R White) is faced with an impossible task, find them before they are detonated. The clock is ticking and the only people who can help are a washed up arms dealer (Lee Majors), a converted Israeli. JERUSALEM the movie is playing in imax, giant screen and digital cinemas in museums, science centers, and other cultural institutions worldwide. Click on a theater link below to get showtimes and ticketing information. This list changes often, so sign up here for updates or check back on this site and on Facebook

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דף הבית - Jerusalem Marathon - מרתון ירושלים. יש לנו תאריך חדש! 29.10.2021. להרשמה Jerusalem is a masterpiece. 10 stars. Read this book. In Jerusalem Simon Sebag Montefiore presents not just a history of the city but of the region and much of the western world. One finds that virtually every prophet and charlatan, king, queen, prince and despot, priest, politician, conquerer and crusader in recorded history has some connection to the city and has often trod its streets Discover Jerusalem's rich Islamic heritage on this specially themed, history-packed tour of Al Quds, as the mixed-faith city is known in Arabic. Highlights include a guided visit through Temple Mount, with stops at Al Aqsa Mosque and the iconic, gold-roofed Dome of the Rock, plus a stroll through the souks and cafes of the walled Muslim.

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Jerusalem Prophecy College is an effort of Endtime Ministries to empower you to know the link between current events and Bible prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled. Our world is now entering the time of more prophetic fulfillment than has ever taken place in the history of mankind Prof. Roger D. Kornberg Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 2006 Prof. Roger was awarded the Nobel Prize in.. History of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Israel Peace with Iran and Neighbors is an open letter by William Mohlenhoff regarding the Temple Mount and Peace Solutions. It appears obvious that the key to peace is co-existence on the Temple Mount, without coercion of one monotheistic faith by another Jerusalem (Ebreu: ירושלים, Yerushaláyim; Arabic: القـُدْس, al-Quds) is the lairgest ceety o Israel an some kintras merkit it as the caipital o Israel tho it haes nae internaitional kent heidhaund an is merkit as occupiet grund unner internaitional law. It haes a population o 719,900 indwallers. It is the destination o mony veesitors tae Israel Aish HaTorah operates programs in over 100 cities on 5 continents. Our World Center is located in Jerusalem, directly opposite the Western Wall. Our goal is to re-ignite Jewish pride by teaching Jews about their heritage and its contribution to humanity. Aish's educational programs are based on the following principles